Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A Brighter Note

On a brighter note, my new studio is almost done - I've been painting and painting (a bright clean pure white) and I just have some trim and the cabinets to finish - I'm going to try to make glass handles for the cabinets myself. Eventually, we will put new floors in, but obviously we have higher priorities at the moment.

Here is my view from the studio - I think that's a big old cherry tree out there. I will someday build a brick patio down here too so I can paint outside if I want.


  1. Hi Pam - you're right about wondering if people will read your reply to their comment on your blog ... or if you should go over to their blog to leave comments. It can get confusing I guess. I STILL don't know how to keep track of comments on my OEN blog. ha hah. I have no way of knowing, beside, just scrolling on down through my posts, if there are new comments. How do you tell?

    on another note - I like your blog too. I have subscribed to it, so I can see when you put up new posts. I'll be back. gotta get some work done this afternoon, though! [grinning]

  2. oh, now I can see your photos (they weren't there earlier). that's a cute studio -- is that a fireplace (!) I see? wow-- what I wouldn't give for a studio with a fireplace!... and I would really like to see your glass cabinet pulls when you make them. Sounds cool.

  3. YES! It is a fireplace! It's the guestroom - I had thought to take a room in the basement that was not quite as nice, but perfectly fine for an art studio... but my husband convinced me to take the guestroom with the french doors so I could have them open in the summer while Luke is playing outside and a fireplace in the winter so I won't freeze - he's a good guy :) Though I'm not sure where we will be putting company when they come - Frank said he's going to turn that not-as-nice-rooom into a bedroom - it will take a bit of work but it might be just fine. (Or there is a cute B&B just down the street ;) )

  4. About having a guestroom in the basement: just remember, for most guests, they'll only be sleeping in the guest room, and hopefully they'll be hanging out with you the rest of the time. Besides, you seem to have a great situation there with the B&B down the street -- for those more-independent guests who want some space. I totally envy you your wonderful studio. My "studio" actually is our guest bedroom ... but then, our house is probably a bit smaller than yours. 950 sq. ft. total... I'm used to small spaces. I used to have a studio outside of our home ...about 1/2 mile away. My papermaking studio. It was great, but to save$ when I wasn't using it full time, I moved the entire "studio" into boxes in our garage (and all the stuff is waiting for the day I can have a large studio again) In the meantime, I've scaled back the artwork I do to be able to fit it either on the kitchen counter (temporarily) or in the corner of our guest room. I do way more artwork in the summer when I can work outdoors.

    You'll be really glad you went for the sunny main floor studio rather than the basement. Especially when the good weather makes it so you can have the doors open and the garden spilling over into your art space.

    Life is great!