Thursday, November 10, 2005

We Closed on the Edmonds House

What a whirlwind this past 20 days has been! Everyone (except the sellers) thought the contract said we were closing on the 18th... but NO - it said today was the closing day and the day we could take possession is the 18th - we found out yesterday and managed to make it happen - and so we signed papers and we own the house! We actually own two houses - we NEED to sell one fast because we can not afford two mortgages obviously. Good vibes on selling our Carnation house please!! It's officially listed now through our agent and it is currently sparkling and ready to show. I'm just about burned out - I'm going to need a vacation somewhere sunny and warm very soon. (Though I'm sure that is not going to happen.)


  1. Pam, Kim's blog introduced me to your's ... and to your jewelry. I want to check back in with you on both of your sites -- just wanted to tell you right now how BEAUTIFUL your beadwork is. I love the green peyote-rope necklace especially. You do amazing work. It must be so tedious. As a fellow artist, I truly appreciate your sense of color and shapes ... very unique. Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself and say Hi. Also it sounds like your life is blessed - the new house sounds wonderful! enjoy it and good luck with fixing it up to be yours (and selling your other home).