Thursday, November 17, 2005

A History Lesson

This is so fun. The seller of our house called yesterday to wish us happiness in our new home and to give me some details about what's going on before we take possesion (cleaning stuff, etc.) and she also told me a little about the history of our new home. It seems that the property was once a lot larger, of course, and that rumour has it the first owner was a mobster (LOL!) and then a family bought it and used it as their summer home and built that loft over the dining room for the kids to sleep in (because the house was smaller then than it is now) and that one of those kids was Bridget Hanley who later starred in "Here Come the Brides". She said that there was once a log cabin on the property and that it was saved and moved to downtown Edmonds next to the museum. From what she told me, I was able to dig up this link about the history of the cabin - and it does mention the "summer house" which is our house! See, I told you this was fun!

A little more research has dug up this Edmonds Historical site and I found this picture which I *think* is our house from the backyard (which must have been where the tennis court was) - I think that big chimney is our fireplace and the little one is the furnace exhaust (which currently has a brick lodged in it - I don't know how we will ever get that out!).

The caption for this picture says: "A view looking North across the tennis court to the main house. The Cabin was to the West from this location." - I think they meant the "summer house" not the "main house".

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  1. That looks like such a great place. I think I know where you could be, with the school near by. We will have to meet soon. Let me know when you have time to meet at Tully's or Starbucks.
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