Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Moving Ahead - Staying Still

It's that limbo thing - being busy but not feeling like I'm moving ahead, and having to stop and wait be patient at the same time - that drives me nuts. So yesterday I made some beads to try to get out of that stuck feeling, and later on today I'll clean them and maybe turn a couple of them into necklaces. It was fun to melt glass again. And in the meantime, I've been counting out the things I love about our new home in Edmonds - to remind me why I'm doing all of this. Here are some of them - I could keep going but I have to go deliver a big order of jewelry that just sold!
  1. Sidewalks. Yes, I'm sooooo excited about sidewalks!
  2. All those windows - I finally get to play with window treatments.
  3. Rooms to paint. With color even! I'm thinking of painting the living room a tuscan gold with cream trim and black on the window pane frames. Or! An icy blue with white trim... and I'm thinking of making the master a robins egg blue... maybe. So many choices!
  4. A bathroom or two to remodel.
  5. A real yard.
  6. Fireplaces!
  7. Circular Driveway.
  8. Parks to walk to.
  9. Beaches.
  10. Swimming Pools & Parks less than 5 minutes away.
  11. Cute shops and restaurants.
  12. Trader Joes just up the street.
  13. My friend Becky will be really close by.
  14. My friend Lara will be really close by.
  15. Community College with Art Classes just up the street.
  16. More Sunshine/Less Rain (really!)
  17. A patio to plan and build.
  18. Kids for Luke to play with in the neighborhood.
  19. Schools in the same town - and we can walk to school!
  20. Room to plant a garden.
  21. Saturday market all summer.
  22. Summer Festivals.
  23. Great kids programs at the parks.
  24. Dog's park at the beach.
  25. Lower gas prices at the pump.

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