Saturday, December 17, 2005

Amber In

Frank-the-tender-hearted, (he's such a good guy) snatched up the wild cat we host in our yard - her name is Amber and we feed her and take her to the vet and worry about her when we hear coyotes in the valley or a cat fight in the neighborhood - and he deposited her in the guest bathroom last night at midnight. It was COLD. And she really didn't struggle that much. She curled up in the sink and let me pet her and started purring. She's been around enough to know this happens about once a year if it gets too cold out and this year she seems to actually appreciate it. I wonder if we should just take her up to the Edmonds house and let her get used to life up there... maybe by the time we move in she will have morphed into a tame indoor cat? One can only hope.... besides, she's a good mouser.

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