Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Better Day

I'm feeling a lot better today. Luke and I went up to the Edmonds house to clean up the exterminator's mess. (Frank is out of town or I'm sure he would have helped... or maybe not - he might have decided to tear down yet another wall or the the kitchen floor or something, which would have made me cranky all over again.) Anyway, we walked in and there were absolutely no signs of rats - none seen, none heard, and best of all, none smelt. It's the first time I've been in the house and it didn't have that funky smell. (Now I know what that expression "I smell a rat" was really referring to.) So - we got busy and started sweeping and mopping and cleaned down the kitchen and vacuumed up Luke's room (which is under the attic opening so his carpet was full of debris). Luke helped - he loves to mop. And he was thrilled to have his room back - emptied of the crap they pulled out of the attic - boxes and boards and stuff... and when we left, the house - or at least the top floor of it - was happy. And so was I.

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