Saturday, December 24, 2005


I'm almost done, but I'm way behind. Think I'll get it all done? Frank has volunteered to do the baking. He even found a corn syrup-free pecan pie that I'll be able to eat - yum!
  1. grocery shopping
  2. bake cookies
  3. bake a pecan pie
  4. bake a cheesecake (bought one)
  5. make a ruby and jade bracelet for C.
  6. make a crystal bracelet for J. (Bought gift certificate instead)
  7. buy a gift for D.
  8. buy some stocking stuffers for F.
  9. make the gingerbread house
  10. clean the house (just a bit, it's not too bad a.t.m.)
  11. hang the stockings
  12. wrap some more presents
  13. cook dinner and celebrate Christmas Eve
  14. put out cookies for Santa and reindeer food for the reindeer
  15. Prep the Baked French Toast to soak overnight
  16. watch Santa's travels on Norad

Here's hoping your list is way shorter than mine and that you have a very magical Christmas this year. Merry Christmas!


  1. Merry Christmas to you!
    (that was some to do list to get completed :)

  2. did you ever get the pecan pie made? I would like a piece ... yummy one of my favorite pies.

  3. no, we never did get that pie made... but I was thinking... of maybe making it right now. Frank ate all the christmas chocolate and sweets while I was sick (Frank and Luke, but mostly Frank) and now that I'm feeling better I wish I'd had some - but I still have the ingredients for the pie :)