Thursday, December 15, 2005

Hello Moon

It's been wonderful these past few days to have clear skies at night to see the moon going through it's phases. Here it is coming up over the mountains tonight:

A few seconds later:

A little later with the flash on and zoomed in:

And then the show was just about over - going, going.... gone.


  1. that is wonderful, the moon early this morning was wonderful too, but I have too many powerlines in the way to take a good shot

  2. I love the progression here. I remember when I lived in Seattle (many many moons ago) that wonderful time late in the day and early morning when the sun and moon could be seen under the ceiling of clouds. It was soon enough they got higher in the sky and slipped behind the clouds. Your photos are beautiful, Pam. I love full moons!

  3. Thanks Kim & Maureen :) It's special again tonight but I don't think I can get a good shot - too misty/foggy - but golden and huge! I missed it this morning - hubby called and said try to look west if you can it looks really great, but there were too many trees.

    I'm so happy I caught these yesterday - I remember it was about this time last year when a very similar huge moon was coming up over the mountains and I was on my way home in the car when I saw it - I couldn't wait to get home to get a photo but by the time I did, it was up in the trees.