Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A Bad Day For Pets

First, I walk in the door in time to witness Tyger under the table, shaking his head, with a red ribbon sticking out of his mouth. I try to grab it and end up wrestling him to the ground just in time for him to swallow the whole thing.

Then, the girls (dog girls) unwrap my gifts, the ones under the tree that Frank and Luke wrapped - the ones for me... and leave a shredded paper mess and a little boy almost in tears about it.

And THEN, and this tops it all... and you may not even believe this one... and honestly, I wish I were lying... Amber, the cat we pulled in from the cold, the cat we took to the vets and got updated on shots and her ears cleaned out, who then got relocated to the Edmonds house... IS UP THE CHIMNEY. Yes, she really is. Up the chimney. And won't come down.


  1. Pam -- your subtitle on the blog, the line that reads "Add Some Color To Your Life" .... well, this time your blog totally lived up to it's billing -- your post added snorts, chuckles, and guffaws of color to my evening. I laughed!!! about the cat up the chimney. That's totally wild. What a weird and wonderful cat you have. Not to mention the mischief-making dog-girls.... do they have any fear of being written up on Santa's naughty-list???? heheh- [grinning hugely]

  2. the dogs are most definitely on Santa's naughty list - however, I have it that he's still going to be treating them very well. The girl who loves to tear the squeekers out of stuffed toys is getting a toy with 5 or 6 squeekers in it - one at each end - it looks like a jack. The other one who likes to take a toy and go nutso on it but keep it whole - you know the shake it wildly thing? She is getting a big octopus with 8 legs - I can't wait to see all those legs flying around her head! The cat who ate a ribbon is getting some indoor cat grass in case he needs it for his tummy... the one up the chimney... she'll be getting a BATH. I'm glad you got a laugh out of it - I'll probably manage one when she is finally out of it and the chimney is closed up!

  3. I am STILL laughing as I read your Amber Update -- then your comment on this post, Pam. Snort! That is one weird and funny car you have. I hope you're enjoying watching and playing with your animals .... and all their toys. Sounds like Santa was very good to all of you!